help in haiti.


bay piti pa chich is a haitian proverb meaning “to give little is not [being] cheap.”

watching the news and hearing all of the devastating reports from yesterday’s earthquakes in haiti is heartbreaking. even more so because i fear we’ve not even reached the tip of the iceberg yet.

very soon ministries and organizations all over haiti will be needing financial help in order to meet immediate needs there: medical, construction, food, etc. although we’re 1,800 miles away, you and i can still help.

by giving.

it doesn’t have to  be a lot. it doesn’t have to be significant. every single dollar counts. we can make a difference.

below is a short list of organizations in haiti that i’m personally familiar with–organizations i know could use your support. i pray you’ll join me in giving to some of them.

heartline ministries

real hope for haiti

the livesays

world wide village

compassion international

makarios international

american red cross

in the year 2010…


historically speaking, i haven’t been one to make new years resolutions. but as my mind races toward a brand new year, i see unmarked, undetermined days full of opportunity. they hang in the balance of purpose and complacency… waiting to see if they’ll be used or wasted. my deep desire is that all 365 would be intentional: whether they be easy or hard is not the matter of my own. instead, i should concern myself with the outcome.

in a matter of perspective, i’ve found that the weight of the journey is slightly lightened by the help of a compass or other directional tool. as i continue to seek the lord’s specific plan and purpose for my life, i’ve gathered a list of my own hopes of direction for the new year:

  1. learn more about the specifics of foster care and adoption needs in the austin community. attend foster care or foster-to-adopt training.
  2. reactivate my gym membership and go at LEAST twice a week!
  3. go back to haiti—or at least get out of the country—once or twice.
  4. read one new book a month.
  5. begin mentoring students at a local high school or middle school.
  6. plan a new (tighter) budget… and stick with it! implement the envelope system for at least six months, then reevaluate.
  7. move significantly fewer times than i did in 2009. 5 times is wayyyy too many. for anyone.
  8. intentionally observe sabbath once a week. stop trying to achieve and just meditate on the lord. 
  9. find a way to serve at the austin stone… and actually do it.
  10. makeover this blog here and write about the more substantial things in life.



oh my. it’s been nearly 5 months since i’ve posted on this blog here. [oopsie.]

contrary to what you may think, i’m not dead… i’ve just lost my way in the blogosphere. i’ll be back one of these days.

but if you’re DYING to know the super exciting details of my life, you can find mini updates on twitter.

ginger. out.

it’s good for your soul.


hi friends! sorry i’m not on here very often to update… but life is good. this week i moved into a cute little apartment in south austin which i love and, although i am still looking for full time employment, i’m loving this city!

okay, on to the real reason for this blog post. maris found a recipe that might be my favorite new food to eat for lunch and dinner. seven days a week. in a row. i made it last night and it’s so good!! not to mention healthier than most… i made it from all organic ingredients and it was tasty!

coconut soup

64 oz chicken broth
1 1/2 cans coconut milk
3-4 chicken breasts
4-5 cups instant brown rice
chopped cilantro
juice of 2 limes
1 diced jalapeno
salt & pepper to taste

boil chicken broth & coconut milk
simmer on medium
add ingredients
bring to boil
cover & let stand

i would venture to say that it makes 10-12 servings… and if you want it a little spicier, throw in an extra jalapeno because using one only gives it flavor, not much spice!




although my time in austin hasn’t been sufficient enough to thoroughly evaluate the city or its inhabitants, i can already tell i’m going to like it here in this city. a lot. why, you ask?

1. sweet friends who let me sleep in their extra beds and eat their food. haha! no, really. i’m beyond thankful that the iveys and bushs are so generous to let me bounce between their houses while i look for a full time job. i only hope one day i can repay them in some way!

2. a healing and awakening of my soul in the community of the austin stone. in a conversation yesterday, it was said that we truly know when we’re in a healthy church because we’re painfully aware of how messed up we are. i’m learning to rely on christ’s grace and mercy instead of my own futile efforts… it’s the beginning of a long journey to healing.

3. diversity. i love the cultural diversity of this town. my spanish is very mediocre, but here i’m surrounded by people who speak english, spanish, german, vietnamese, chinese… and i love it! i love observing the differences between cultures and the conversations that transpire.

4. the weather. despite the fact that 19 of the past 20 days have been over 100 degrees, austin has weather like a beach town. pretty blue skies and quick rain showers [most of the time]. you know this girl loves beach weather!

6. hills and trees! austin’s landscape is decieving… it looks as if someone took pieces of tennessee and planted them in texas. it’s beautiful.

6. coffeeshops galore. i loved my favorite coffeeshop in dallas [the crooked tree] but it was really the only non-starbucks java the city had to offer. not so here! i have handfuls of recommendations i’ve yet to try. i’m currently sitting at epoch’s coffee (24 hour! whee!) sipping on an iced mojo… procrastinating. eek.

alright. on to those resumes!

new music.



this week aaron ivey released a [incredible] new album called between the beauty & chaos. now, i realize that i’m personally a little biased because i absolutely love the ivey family, but i can honestly say that this album is beautiful. and i think the fact that it went straight to #1 on itunes’ christian music genre the day it was released is enough proof! between the beauty & chaos tells the incredible journey of life… about the ups and downs… children and poverty… adoption… and sweet redemption.

i can’t stop playing the songs “found” and “let your kingdom come.” but the song that really pulls at my heartstrings is “amos story” which was written about the 2 sweet kiddos aaron and jamie have been in the process of adopting for nearly 2 years now.

aaron, steven, and jimmie are such talented guys, which is clearly evidenced in between the beauty & chaos. head on over to itunes and grab the album for yourself… i promise you won’t be disappointed!